Emergency Landings in India

During the last three years and the current year, a total of 141 incidents of emergency landings due to medical emergency and technical reasons have been reported to DGCA. 

All incidents except emergency landing due to medical issues are investigated by DGCA/AAIB and also by the PIB (Permanent Investigation Board) of the concerned airlines in association with officers of regional air safety offices depending upon the severity of case. Safety recommendations emanating from the investigation reports are followed up for implementation with the concerned agencies so as to prevent recurrence of similar incidents in future. 

Moreover, the accident/incident data is regularly analysed and based on the analysis, Air Safety Circulars are issued to bring important observations/findings to the notice of the operators to avoid recurrence of such mishaps. 

DGCA also carries out the audit of operators as per Annual Surveillance Programme. Recommendations emanating from such reports are followed up with the operator for implementation. 


Emergency Landings in India



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